As a reputable foundation recognized by local and international agencies in addressing complex challenges facing Gender and Vulnerable Groups (GVGs) through her strategic programme areas especially in rural communities at remote areas in Bayelsa state, and other parts in the Niger Delta.

Therefore, the World Bank has established a partnership with Goldcoast to sensitize and register GVGs and guide them to develop proposals for various economic empowerment projects in which the World Bank shall fund 95% of the projects. This was revealed by the Coordinator Mr. Authority Benson during a media chat on April 10th, 2018.

The Coordinator explained that the project is part of the Gender and Vulnerable Investment (GVI) components of World Bank Assisted projects being coordinated and supervised by the Community and Social Development Agency (CSDA) in Bayelsa State. Hence, it is meant to support and promote the effort of Goldcoast over the years in addressing various intractable problems of Gender and Vulnerable Groups in rural communities. In addition, he stated that the major objective of the programme is to identify the poorest of the poor such as the homeless, people with disabilities, orphans, widows, jobless youths, malnourished and people living with communicable diseases (leprosy, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases). Therefore, Goldcoast shall sensitize them for self-development and facilitate their group formation and registration with local and state government as corporations which the World Bank can provide grants for long-term poverty alleviation schemes.

Mr. Authority Benson used the opportunity to request for support from stakeholders including other donor agencies, state and federal government, oil companies, MDAs, CSOs, and individuals. He also appealed to the selected communities for cooperation in order to achieve best results in the project, so that participants can derive maximum benefits from the project.


Interestingly, the Coordinator stressed that Goldcoast appreciates volunteerism as it brings benefits to the society and the individual volunteer. Thus, Goldcoast volunteer programme is inclusive and embraces volunteer action in all diversity and profession. Furthermore, the foundation appreciates free will, commitment, engagement and solidarity, which are the basics of volunteerism. Therefore, he equally used the opportunity to invite volunteers to apply to work with Goldcoast to implement the project.