In line with our 2018 programme aimed to protect the rights of children against all forms of violence, and support events, initiatives and programmes that mainstream child empowerment for maximum humanitarian and social development, Goldcoast celebrate ‘‘Day of the African Child’’ which is celebrated across Africa on June 16th every year to commemorate the 1976 student uprising in Soweto, South Africa. This was made known to media houses in Bayelsa state by the Coordinator of the Foundation Mr. Authority Benson on June 15th, 2018.

The Coordinator emphasised that the Theme of this year Day of the African Child is “Leave No Child Behind for Africa’s Development.” He stressed that this was apt as children are made up of the majority of the Nigerian population, and there is the need for the inclusive development of children at all levels. In addition, he explained that children are the future leaders in the society, and every adult citizen in Africa and Nigeria in particular, owes the responsibility to adequately care for the needs of children physically, mentally, spiritually and morally to contribute to sustainable development in the country.

Mr. Authority Benson used the opportunity to advise parents to admonish their children to be law abiding. Furthermore, he tasked the Nigerian federal and state governments to accelerate policy implementation and programmes on child rights protection, empowerment and equal opportunities, in order to holistically develop the Nigerian children to grow up to be able to provide practical solutions to the various problems bedevilling the country and the entire continent.