Resumption of Activities


Goldcoast Developmental Foundation has recently announced her comeback to the field to Touch more lives.

The organization has returned to service after being on a break and appreciates the overwhelming expectations from its teaming volunteers, fans, partners and beneficiaries in anticipation of her return to service. According to the management, the foundation’s aim with this major return is to focus more on its core program Areas.

The three core program areas are health, adult education and youth development.

“I am pleased to announce that our Non-Governmental Organization is back to continue its goal of touching lives and we will be implementing on our core mission with the support of people and our valued partners.” Said Moses Oruaze Dickson, the Founder of Goldcoast Developmental Foundation while talking about the organization’s mission. He continued that “our focus areas shall be Health, Adult Education and Strategic Youth Development.”.

The founder, Moses is a Well-Known Nigerian Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Writer and Philanthropist.
Goldcoast Developmental Foundation was established in the year 2012 and the organization was registered under the relevant state laws of Nigeria. With its base the Bayelsa State, it has two main offices in the country. One of these two office is operating from the Nigerian Capital of Abuja while the other office is located in Bayelsa.


With this major comeback, the organization is once again seeking community support, volunteers and donations to continue its inspiring work for humanity. The immediate geographical area focused by the Goldcoast Developmental Foundation mainly comprise of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria in particular and Nigeria in general as the organization also collaborates closely with its partners to implement ad hoc projects outside this region and into the far flung areas of the African heart where most NGO’s fail to reach.

Communities in all the areas served by the foundation have felt the difference and the work done by the foundation has impacted their lives like never before in the areas ranging from Youth Development to Adult Learning or Healthcare.
“Our vision is very clear and we only want to see a prosperous Niger Delta Region that is not only healthy but is also socio-economically developed with a vibrant, skilled, responsible and productive youth.” Said Gloria Owen, the Secretary of the Foundation in a recent interview while talking about the organizations’ vision. “We have great partners and an amazing team of dedicated individuals who share the pains of humanity .” She added.

According to Gloria, this comeback of the organization is a revival that is taking place with more energy, determination and the will to serve humanity like never before.

So far, an overwhelming majority of volunteers has supported the organization with more joining each day. People can not only make their donations any time of the year but can also donate on their birthday to make it more memorable and get a sense of satisfaction for starting the next year of their lives by touching lives.

The system this foundation adopts is transparency where each penny donated to humanity is spent carefully to ensure that the money is reaching its rightful deserving recipient.

Furthermore, if anyone wants to work with the organization as a volunteer, they are welcomed at all times by the staff of the NGO.

Recently, the organization held an orientation of 100 students as a part of one of its projects related to education and development of the youth. Other recent initiatives included a visit by the organization to leprosy center in Igbogene. According to the Secretary Gloria, such visits and initiatives under the projects of the Goldcoast Developmental Foundation are essential and significant in order to reach the common people in the field.

The partners of Goldcoast Developmental Foundation come from broad spectrums of the Nigerian public and private sector. From the local state governments to fellow NGO’s and other entities, the organization proudly partners itself with the entities that are dedicated to serve the public by having commonalities and shared objectives with the GDF.

The foundation has always welcomed like minded individuals as well as organizations to get on board with the foundation and serve the communities selflessly and meticulously.

Since the mission of the foundation is to continuously render selfless service and improve the general well-being of the needy and vulnerable through collective participation, these partners thus cause great assistance.
The organization has a team of dedicated individuals and volunteers, who work really hard to deliver to the common people. The primary staff consists of Gloria Owen as the Secretary, John Ebedebiri as the Treasurer, Mrs Anita Oruaze Dickson as the Executive Director of strategic Youth development , Mrs Grace Oruaze Dickson as executive director, health and Chinedu Innocent Adikwu as the Programme Coordinator. Mr. Dickson is the serving Chairman of several ventures and his leadership of this foundation has created several new opportunities for the people as well as the communities in the Niger Delta in particular and Nigeria to grow and develop themselves on the exponential paces like never before.

Nigeria is one of the most amazing and gifted countries in the world and it is emerging as one of the leading developing countries from the Great African Continent. With a talented youth bulge and immense growth or developmental energy, the country has potential like no other in the world in many areas. GDF is committed to harness this potential of the nation by making it a self-sustained and self-reliant society through the encouragement of youth development. The feedback of the communities helped by the organization has been overwhelmingly phenomenal and a great number of people have felt their lives touched by this dedicated team of qualified experts at the inspiring GDF.

In a nutshell, this inspirational comeback or revival by the foundation is going to bring new hopes to more lives.

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