Every Kobo counts!

With the help of donations from individuals and organizations, we are able to improve the lives of women and children in the Niger-Delta Region.

Help us Protect the girl child

Help us to effectively reduce and prevent all forms of sexual violence, abuse and violation of the girl child in Bayelsa and the Niger-Delta region


Bayelsa Flood Relief Programme

With the devastation that the 2018 flood brought, many people are left homeless and without basic needs. Help us provide food and basic medical needs.

Medical Outreach Project On Obstetrics

Maternal mortality is high in the Niger-Delta region.
With your donation, we can reduce it.

Help us Inspire young children
to Dream big

Through our Inspire2Aspire programme, we mentor young secondary school children as well as provide education and social support to help them pursue their dreams. Your donation will help us do more.