Ongoing programmes


We have secured a long term partnership with the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Bayelsa State Branch and TRIAX Solicitors who are committed to working with us to effectively reduce and prevent all forms of sexual violence, abuse and violation of the girl child in Bayelsa and the Niger-Delta region at large.


This project as envisioned to educate women at the age of 20 to 49 years on the importance of antenatal care for pregnant women. The project is especially developed to raise the awareness of women at reproductive age to become self-convinced and motivated to proactively seek for medical guidance and counselling to improve and maintain their health and the health of their still born babies during pregnancy. In addition, Goldcoast shall donate antenatal drugs to community primary health centres to enable health practitioners provide antenatal services to poor and vulnerable pregnant women who cannot afford the cost of antenatal drugs for themselves and their babies.


The responsibility to promote good morals, instil discipline, and help young people reach their potentials is not a responsibility to parents, teachers and guardians alone but to every responsible adult, corporate bodies, organizations and institutions to participate in.

The goal of this initiative is to reduce and eradicate teenage pregnancy, cultism, drug abuse and other immoral activities in schools that is detrimental to human development and the society at large.  To restore moral values of students such as reading culture, self-discipline and obedience to school rule. To inspire and motivate students aspire to reach their full potential in their educational career


In view of our commitment to provide skills to gender and vulnerable persons in Bayelsa state in order to help them become self-reliance economically and secure means of livelihood, we have successfully established a partnership with TKM Fashion Academy to provide skills acquisition training to 100 persons from different local government areas in the state.


At Goldcoast Developmental Foundation we believed that volunteering brings benefits to both society at large and individual volunteers, and it makes important contributions to human comfort, peace and progress because it promotes a more cohesive society by building trust and reciprocity among citizens. Therefore, every year, we engage youths (male and female) who are physically fit, morally just and passionate to work as volunteers in various capacities in public and private hospitals where there is need for humanitarian services. Golcoast Developmental Foundation offers this service free of charge through partnership and collaboration with recognized hospitals in the state in which we recruit volunteers using our volunteer recruitment application form, and properly document successful applicants. In addition, the foundation provides logistic and feeding to the volunteers during the course of service.   The welfare provisions for volunteers are solely at the discretion of Goldcoast management.


With the devastation that the 2018 flood brought to the People of Bayelsa state, many have been rendered homeless and without basic needs. As a foundation, we have launched a flood relief programme that will provide food, medication and other welfare materials for children, mothers and families in the 5 designated internally displaced Camps(IDPS) in the state. We call on volunteers, partners and donors to join us in this fight to restore the humanity of the victims of this natural crisis.